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In 2013, Dr. Lisa, was 164lbs overweight and ate unhealthily.  She wanted to lose weight without dieting, eating frozen meals, surgery, weight loss pills, or fads.  She struggled to start and found more scams in the fitness industry.  Through her struggles and journey, she discovered money was more important in the industry then overall individual quality and attention.   


She lost thousands of dollars by hiring different trainers who were not certified in the industry, wanted three months' payment in advance, provided cookie cutter programs, and were focused on the money and not on her overall progress and wellbeing.  Simply put, she wanted to stop the fitness and nutrition BS!

Dr. Lisa and Lea discussed a significant gap in the fitness industry to cater to specific needs of individuals who want to feel better, move more, have a better understanding of nutrition, and needed the confidence to move in the right direction.


In addition to the gaps discussed, technology was evolving. They wanted advanced technology where creating a spreadsheet, paper food journaling,  email and texting was a thing of the past. Empowh uses a software platform to create customized fitness  and nutrition plans which enables clients to access their customized program from any PC, MAC, iOS, or Android. The platform is the ONLY tool needed to do your workouts, chat, send pictures and videos to/from your motivator, food diary and journaling, as well as, self-reflection check in's. 

Empowh provides online fitness, nutrition, and confidence.  These three key ingredients are why Empowh was founded. We understand you; we have and continue to go through our own fitness and nutrition journeys.  We are on this journey with you, one day at a time.


We look forward to having you as an Enthusiast  in the near future.

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